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Master The Art Of Digital Customer Generation.



“ClickMaven really helped us to decrease our cost per lead and improve the quality of the leads we receive from AdWords. They have also been very sensitive to our operational requirements and we recommend them without hesitation.”
Marius De Wet
Digital Performance Marketing
How to identify your audience
It includes an exercise to identify your ideal audience.
Which digital channels to choose
It contains an overview of all the media platforms. 
How to set objectives with all stakeholders
It includes a projection model to allow you to calculate the outcome of your campaigns. 
How to get a great conversion rate
 It contains a best-practice guide and what software to use.
How to set up ROI measurements
Step by step guide on how to implement conversion tracking in AdWords, Facebook and LinkedIn. 
Which digital channels to choose
It contains, an overview of all the media platforms. 

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practical and visual guide, equipping you with real know-how to immediately apply to your campaigns.
A 5 step guide to improve your digital marketing campaigns
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